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Belgian Cocoa E-liquid

Belgian Cocoa starts with a complex, dried cocoa base and layers in rich chocolate notes to achieve a Dessert semi-sweet flavor profile that’s a perfect all-day vape.
$8.49 (ITBIS incluído)

Cafe Mocha E-liquid

Café Mocha E-liquid offers a full-flavored blend, perfect for those seeking a gourmet coffee flavored E-liquid. Built on a robust Cappuccino base, our unique Café Mocha E-liquid blend is layered with very subtle hints of mocha and hazelnut, and rounded out with a gentle sweetness.
$8.49 (ITBIS incluído)

CoolMist E-liquid

CoolMist is perfect for any vaper. Never over-powering, with no tobacco undertones, this E-liquid provides a subtle, sweet menthol experience that is perfect for mixing with other flavors or vaping on its own.
$8.49 (ITBIS incluído)

Cordoba E-liquid

Finally, a high-end cigar experience has been duplicated in an E-liquid. Cordoba is a rich blend of woodsy tobacco notes with an ample helping of smooth, sweet caramel flavor to create a premium E-liquid that will change how you think about vaping.
$8.49 (ITBIS incluído)

Dessert Sample Pack

Included in our dessert e-liquid sample pack are six dessert-flavored e-liquids from the Halo collection, each in a 10 ml bottle. Sample pack Includes our most popular dessert blends: - 10ml Malibu - 10ml Sugar Twist - 10ml Devlin - 10ml Belgian Cocoa - 10ml Kringle’s Curse - 10ml Twisted Turnover
$24.99 (ITBIS incluído)

Devlin E-liquid

Rich caramel notes come together to create Devlin, a delectable dessert e-liquid that is always smooth with a sweet finish.
$8.49 (ITBIS incluído)

Freedom Juice E-liquid

Taste the open road with the exhilarating flavor of Freedom Juice. This premium E-liquid features a mild yet distinctive tobacco taste with a sweet finish that is perfect for vaping all day long.
$8.49 (ITBIS incluído)

Fusion E-liquid

Our flavorless nicotine base, Fusion, is like a dream come true for the DIY crowd. Whether you’re trying add a little bit of extra punch to your E-liquid, or if you’re looking to tone it down, you can’t go wrong with Fusion—a must have for any vaper.
$7.49 (ITBIS incluído)

Kringle's Curse E-liquid

With a rich burst of peppermint in every delicious puff, this E-liquid is a gift you’ll want to keep giving yourself the whole year ’round. Winner of a Spinfuel Choice award, Kringle’s Curse is a Dessert flavor unlike anything you’ve tasted before.
$8.49 (ITBIS incluído)

Madagascar Sunrise E-Liquid

Call it the 8th wonder of the world! The transcendent taste of Madagascar Sunrise will leave you in amazement with the compelling flavors of crisp, straight from the vine grapes and sweet lychee.
$8.49 (ITBIS incluído)

Malibu E-liquid

Malibu E-liquid is best described as a frozen Piña Colada twisted inside of a light menthol wrapper. Malibu Menthol E-liquid has a nice smooth flavor that is perfect for vaping poolside or at the beach. The throat hit is relatively light with no harshness, and the aftertaste is pleasantly sweet. This tropical E-liquid flavor is highly recommended for a refreshing springtime vape.
$8.49 (ITBIS incluído)

Menthol V E-liquid

Formerly Menthol X We start with a base of ultra-smooth tobacco and blend in peppermint and menthol flavors, then we finish with just a touch of Eucalyptus to create Menthol Ⅴ. It’s a complex E-liquid flavor that offers a strong, refreshing throat hit with a cool, sweet finish—a must-have for any vaper.
$8.49 (ITBIS incluído)